CDI Seals

    CDI UK – Markets and Strategy
Market strategy:
Manufacturer of advanced custom made sealing solutions for
performance critical applications in the following industries:

Oil and Gas – specializing in downhole applications
Aerospace – particularly fuel control systems
General Engineering including pump and valve

Product line:

Aeon Hollow Rubber Springs for vehicle suspension systems


 Oil & Gas Products

Drilling O Rings and pressure compensators
Cementing Plugs
Packers Permanent and Retrievable elements
Hydraulic seals V rings and back-up ring
Anti- extrusion rings High Performance Plastics
Blowout Preventers Ram seals for wireline, pipe and coiled tubing applications
Surface Completion ST & T Seals
Safety Equipment Flow Control Valve Seals

Oil and Gas Products

-Cementing Plug
-Packers elements
-Safety Valve Bonding
-BOP Ram Seals

High pressure pump packing’sfor extremely aggressive media.

Oil & Gas Products – Down-Hole Applications.

Exploration and Production sealing components for high pressure oil industry applications.

High specification, close tolerance machined components produced from High grade materials.






Barrier Element for HP/HT applications

HP/HT definition: wellhead pressure above 10,000psi (690bar)
and/or temperatures above 150ºC (302ºF) and/or wells deeper
than 4,000m (13,000 feet)





Open Hole Cup Packer Element – HNBR




blow-out Preventer  Seals





Coiled tubing inner seal               Pipe Ram seal



Baker Oil Barrier Seal

ST Seal

Aeon Hollow Rubber Springs



-Vehicle suspension spring assisters

-Commercial and off-road vehicles

-Sole Suspension Springs

-Electric trucks

-Agricultural vehicles

-Vibration Isolaters

-Energy Absorbing Stops




Aeon Types


Aeon Hollow Rubber Springs                                              Aeon Installation