Continued research into new and unique products and processes.
Continuous improvement in product and process quality.A focus on customer service
and performance reliability. To offer our staff the satisfaction
and security of a modern, well organized, and growth oriented working environment.
To consider our Quality Management System our only operating method.


To strengthen our world leadership in quality, productivity and service.
To apply, at every level of the process and in every department, the Quality Management System.
To assure the best planning support so as to ensure our
continuing global competitiveness.

“A well organized and efficient company, in line with the times,will see its real potential in concreteness,
the respect of man and the environment, the evolution of its own knowledge acknowledgments from its clientele”.



Stelmi is a world leader in quality for the production of hard chromium plated steel bars and skived and roller burnished / honed steel tubes.

Stelmi has adopted continuous quality improvement as its philosophy.

Thanks to an ongoing focus on research and development, carried on internally, Stelmi has been able to put into service very advanced technologies for chromium plating and for skiving and roller burnishing. These technologies offer the market superior products, capable of achieving the best performance in the industry.

The quality by Stelmi is connected with the use of a clean technology, thanks to a chromium plating process which is unique and, to a production process for skiving and roller burnishing, worldwide equally competitive. The process assures the total safety for the manpower and the environment.

Stelmi’s knowledge, in terms of technique, production and management, has assured the company constant growth for the past 25 years, allowing us to offer our customers innovative solutions for a variety of applications.

For all chromium plated bars HIPERCHROMIUM® by STELMI, it’s offered the use of the trade mark STELMI core, synonym of exclusive technology and exceptional performances.


200, 500 and 1000 hours of proven corrosion resistance in neutral salt spray testing has helped make Stelmi a world leader in quality.
This crediting can be transferred to the Customer by the exclusive trade mark STELMI core, Guarantee Seal that can be applied to the component or to the equipment, by Stelmi grant.
Our exclusive continuous chromium plating process is a closed cycle system, which assures total respect for man and environment; this unique capability allows Stelmi to be identified as world leader in clean technologies.
A TRADE MARK TO ASSURE TOP QUALITYStelmi skived and roller burnished / honed tubes are identified with a trade mark, assuring
quality at the highest levels in the world.


Total financial reliability.
Reliable and proven suppliers.
Constant investment in research and development.
Technological expertise unique in the world, utilizing the result of internal research.
Quality Control in every production stage and continuous improvement within our ISO 9002 Quality System.
Dedicated Customer Service and focused planning before and after the sale, commitment to honor our delivery promise.
Constant Customer care, insured by motivated and professional staff and management.
Unique patrimony of international relationships, created through 25 years of activity in more than 36 countries.
The only company in the world providing mill volumes of both chromium plated bars and skived and roller burnished / honed tubes.
BENEFITS AND ADVANTAGES OFFERED FROM STELMI ONLYWe list hereafter some of the economical benefits and competitive advantages which Stelmi always offers to its Customers; they prove the Stelmi competitiveness face the competition. The economical benefit due to the chromium plating on the whole length of the bars can be mathematically calculated and it is given in the table (3.1%). The other economical benefits, in any case Stelmi’s exclusive prerogative, which are to be evaluated case by case according to the Customer requirements, are valid both for bars and tubes.