X-Ring V-Ring Back-Up Ring





Four-Lobed X-Ring Seals also knows as Quad Rings.
Four-Lobed Seals are elastomeric seal rings. Our X-Rings offer four contact areas for sealing instead of
the two of the conventional standard O-Ring.
The unique cross section has good sealing caracteristics built in as part of its design, and becuase of
this double seal action, less squeeze is required to keep an effective seal. This reduction in squeeze
means less friction and hence, improve seal life.

As pressure varies, four-lobed Seals perform less movement from side to side. The parting lines of X-Rings are not on any of contacted areas.

The X-Ring Seals’ parting lines lie between the lobes away from the sealing surface. The design prevents
the problem of leakage.




The V-Ring Seal is an all-rubber seal that seats directly on the shaft and seals axialy against a counterface, housing, seal case or similar surface.

Designed with along flexible lip, the seal acts like an axial slinger. It can retain heavy lubricants and is highly effective in excluding contaminates.

The V-Ring can be used as the primary seal or as a secondary back-up seal.

Because it is all-rubber and very elastic, it can be stretched over flanges or other assemblies for positioning without any unit disassembly. The V-Ring performs well in dry applications and is capable of handling a greater amount of eccentricity and misalignment than most radial lip type seals. Axial movement shuold however not exceed the axial sealing range of the lip. Each V-Ring can be used for a rang of different shaft sizes.

In certain applications, V-Rings can handle up to 10 psi on the body side only. V-Rings should not be used on shafts mounted below sump level.

Back-Up Rings




Back-Up Rings are used in conjunction with O-ring for both static and dynamic sealing applications.

They prevent extrusion of the O-ring when it is subjected to high pressures, or when possible two
Back-up rings should be used one on each side of the O-ring.